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Reflection Corner: Benefits of Family Engagement – Family Engagement Online Toolkit

Reflection Corner: Benefits of Family Engagement


DYCD knows the importance of family engagement in helping improve outcomes for all family members and building safer and healthier communities. DYCD has made partnering with families a priority. DYCD staff reflects on the many benefits of engaging families as partners.

For ParticipantsFor FamiliesFor CBOs/ProvidersFor CommunitiesFor Funders/DYCD
  • Increased participation
  • Receive consistent messaging
  • Encourages communication and support between participant and family
  • Promotes a sense of belonging
  • Strengthens overall development into successful youth/adult
  • Awareness of programs
  • Better outcomes for their youth
  • A sense of belonging to a community of families
  • Access to resources and personal/professional growth
  • Voice in program activities help set priorities/activities
  • Better program attendance and participation
  • Improved provider job satisfaction and potentially less turnover
  • Fosters partnerships
  • Stronger programs as families share feedback & suggestions on how to improve services
  • Families are more involved in community activities
  • People are better connected to each other and to services and programming
  • Increased access to services and learning opportunities
  • Less participation in negative risk taking
  • Investment in neighborhoods
  • Increased results
  • Buy-in to the agency’s mission and services
  • When families are engaged they can advocate against funding cuts, benefiting the funder/DYCD
  • Maximizes our impact
  • Increased visibility and brand name recognition among families